About Us


The Speakeasy Records journey began in 2015. Having lived a life up until that point that was fully immersed in music, our founder bought a second hand turntable - all the while cursing his decision to let go of a fully equipped 1980s Pioneer Hi Fi - and re-entered the world of vinyl collection.

Soon enough, the hobby turned into a small side business. His practice back then was to source bulk lots of second hand vinyl from auctions, keep the titles he liked and list the leftovers on Discogs. That Discogs account is still running and is still full of great pre-loved titles.

Not long thereafter, having noticed a lack of nuance in the way the major retailers sold vinyl online, and a lack of online presence for independent record stores, he investigated the notion of an onlineĀ independent record store. This led to a relationship with a major Australian vinyl distributor and thus the site was born.


The name Speakeasy Records is an attempt to reflect two aspects of our business. First, it's a clear reference to prohibition-era USA where small illegal bars called Speakeasies would pop up to serve people alcohol. No doubt some of the coolest musical serendipity occurred in these joints. So I suppose in truth, calling our store that was an attempt to get some of that cool to rub off.

But it is also a nod to our vision - which is to one day bring our online store alive in the form of an old school record store, bar and live music venue. The first part of that three stage plan is currently being investigated.


The driving force behind our store is simple. More music to more people for the most affordable price. At times, you'll see items listed here for $10-20 less than the major retailers. It's all part of our pricing model which is a little different from traditional retail methods. It means less profit for us much of the time. But at the end of the day, we're not in this to become millionaires. We simply want to make a living while perpetuating the life force that is music.

So thanks for visiting our store, and for taking the time to read more about us. If you'd like to know more about how we operate, or have a particular title you're looking for, feel free to call our founder Josh on 0478 084 461 during business hours. If there's one thing we know about him, it's that he likes to talk!