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The first volume in an ongoing series devoted to uncovering lost black rock'n'roll treasures of the late 50's and early 60's. Inspired by the cross-over success of artists such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry, many black artists revved up their R&B sound and produced some of the most gloriously manic, unrefined musical gems of the late 50s.

Track List:

  1. Killer Diller - Jimmy Breedlove
  2. Rock'N'Roll Boogie - Jo Jo Williams
  3. Wild Cherry - Leroy Washington
  4. Rock'N'Roll Jungle - Joe Benson
  5. Contract Of Love - Cliff Chambers
  6. Make Me Dance Little Ant - Joe Hughes
  7. Uncle John - Al Calloway
  8. Rock And Roll Is In My Soul - Chuck Grey
  9. Miss Ann - Dick Barron And The Jumping Jacks
  10. Cool It - Flash Terry
  11. Cottonhead Joe - Leon Peels
  12. Money, Money, Money - Freddie Carpenter
  13. Hello Little Girl - Lloyd Price
  14. Little Miss Muffet - Chuck Mann
  15. Wear Your Black Dress - Willie Egans
  16. She'S So Divine Little - Jerry Williams

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